Apply: If this role would be a good fit for you, email Luke Dashjr.

Job Title: Lead Lightning Protocol Developer
Company Bio/Mission: New Bitcoin tech startup with principled founding team aiming to improve Bitcoin decentralization.
Reports to: Luke Dashjr
Time: Full time
Location: Remote

Working Conditions: Primary work is expected to be a salaried exempt worker on a full-time basis as directed by the Chief Technology Officer (primarily open source Lightning protocol work). We expect the ideal candidate to work hard as directed and collaboratively—contributing not only to work to achieve company goals and deadlines, but also a self-starter who is passionate about and will contribute to Lightning protocol development and related open source projects as down time and circumstances permit.

Company Culture: We are a Bitcoin-focused company. You don't have to be a Bitcoin maximalist, however, you're expected not to be involved in scamcoins or attacks on Bitcoin.

Job Summary: The Lead Lightning Protocol Developer will evaluate company needs for the Lightning protocol as well as end-user wallets, and work toward implementing those needs in a professional, timely, and workmanlike manner. Developer will collaborate with and advise other developers on Lightning integration into products/services. It is expected that a full-time developer will not be occupied continually with directly related work, and may contribute to other open source development (preferably Lightning-related) during normal work hours.

Required Skills/Abilities:

Disclaimer: This is a newly created position for an early-stage company. This job description covers initial expected responsibilities only and future progression of the company may entail new tasks and responsibilities as directed by the CTO and company from time-to-time.