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Project Description Owner Last Change
Android-Bitcoin-Wallet-2 Bitcoin Wallet Android app 8 years ago
android-bitcoin-wallet unfinished bitcoin android... 8 years ago
Android-MtGoxWidget An Android widget that shows... 4 years ago
armory 3 years ago
bc_key Bitcoin Private Key Extractor 8 years ago
bcmmg BitCoin Money Making Game 8 years ago
bitcoIM XMPP/Bitcoin gateway 8 years ago
bitcoin-abe Open source chain browser... 11 months ago
bitcoin-alt 7 years ago
+ bitcoin-bash-tools Set of bash functions for... 12 months ago
bitcoin-central Bitcoin Central 7 years ago
Bitcoin-Control-Panel 8 years ago
bitcoin-el5-rpm spec file for bitcoin cryptocu... 8 years ago
bitcoin-gem Ruby library for communicating... 8 years ago
bitcoin-generic-exchange An open source generic exchang... 8 years ago
bitcoin-js-remote Javascript remote for bitcoind 5 years ago
bitcoin-mobile-android Wallet Impl on Android 7 years ago
bitcoin-php Bitcoin library for PHP 2 years ago
bitcoin-pl BitCoin perl implementation 7 years ago
Bitcoin-Poker-Room Sources for Bitcoin Poker... 5 years ago
bitcoin-python Friendly bitcoin API binding... 7 years ago
bitcoin-seeder Bitcoin DNS seed code luke 2 years ago
bitcoin-virtuemart Bitcoin payment plugin for... 8 years ago
bitcoin-wp-e-commerce Bitcoin payment plugin for... 8 years ago
bitcoinApp_iOS bitcoin for iOS devices (iPhon... 6 years ago
bitcoinbugzilla BitCoin Bugzilla Extension 8 years ago
+ bitcoind Bitcoin integration/staging... 5 weeks ago
BitcoinDroid A thin Android client for... 8 years ago
bitcoiner add bitcoin to your rails app 7 years ago
bitcoinrest This Sinatra application provi... 8 years ago
bitcointools Python-based tools for the... 5 years ago
BitDroid-Network A Bitcoin network protocol... 7 years ago
biten bitcoin erlang node luke 6 years ago
bitpredict A prediction market in bitcoin 8 years ago
btc2fb Bitcoin acceptance plugin... 8 years ago
btcnames a naming/aliasing service... 7 years ago
btfeature 8 years ago
btlink Set of PHP classes to interact... 7 years ago
cbitcoin 4 years ago
chrome-bitcoin bitcoin client in chrome 6 years ago
chronobit A secure timestamper using... 6 years ago
+ cpuminer CPU miner for bitcoin 2 years ago
DiabloMiner OpenCL miner for BitCoin 20 months ago
drupal-btc_address Drupal Module to provide a... 8 years ago
drupal-mtgox Drupal API and tools for Mt... 6 years ago
ecoinpool A pool mining software written... 6 years ago
electrum 5 weeks ago
eligius-stats Eligius statistics pages,... 7 years ago
eloipool Python Bitcoin mining pool... 2 years ago
Firefox-Bitcoin-Prices Firefox extension displaying... 4 years ago
Fnordsoft-Bitcoin-Projects A Bitcoin wallet, backup,... 8 years ago
gaeminer GAE Bitcoin Miner 8 years ago
gentoo_ebuild gentoo linux ebuild for bitcoin 3 months ago
gocoin 5 weeks ago
intersango bitcoin exchange site 7 years ago
invoice-matcher Merchants {post,withdraw}... 8 years ago
keyhunter A tool to recover lost bitcoin... 20 months ago
libbitcoin-perl Perl implementation of the... 2 years ago
libbitcoin bitcoin library phantomcircuit@covertinfe... 5 weeks ago
libcoin Satoshi-based Bitcoin library 6 years ago
luke-jr-bitcoin-dnsseed-historical-seeds.txt Historical seeds.txt for my... 6 hours ago
mining-proxy Multi-pool, multi-worker proxy... 7 years ago
mtgox-ruby ruby client for the mtgox api 7 years ago
node-bitcoin-2 Bitcoin client library in... 8 years ago
node-bitcoin-impl A NodeJS library of Bitcoin... 8 years ago
node-bitcoin Bitcoin client API and related... 6 years ago
oclminer OpenCL bitcoin miner — Read... 8 years ago
perl-Catalyst-Model-Bitcoin Catalyst::Model::Bitcoin 8 years ago
+ Phoenix-Miner Modular, fast, efficient Bitco... 7 years ago
php5-bitcoin_account General purpose PHP5 classes... 8 years ago
phpMyBitcoin A web-based administration... 8 years ago
picocoin GLib-based Bitcoin client 7 months ago
+ poclbm PyOpenCL bitcoin miner 6 years ago
puddinpop-bitcoin-pool Import of puddinpop's bitcoin... 8 years ago
+ pushpool bitcoin push-mining pool server. 5 years ago
pybitcoin Python Conversion of the Bitco... 8 years ago
pycoin An implementation of bitcoin... 7 years ago
python-bitcoim XMPP/Bitcoin gateway (the... 8 years ago
python-bitcoin Python module for interacting... 8 years ago
python-libbitcoin 6 years ago
ruby-bitcoin A Bitcoin client written in... 7 years ago
sekureco secure bitcoin wallets 8 years ago
spesmilo PySide RPC client 7 years ago
stratum 14 months ago
subvertx command line utilities for... 7 years ago
+ supybot-bitcoin-marketmonitor Some bitcoin and supybot-relat... 8 weeks ago
supybot-BitcoinWallet supybot plugin for an IRC... 8 years ago
+ supybot-BTCMonitor 8 years ago
tulpenmanie PyQt4 commodities market client. tulpenmanie@emery... 6 years ago
txqr Converts a hex Bitcoin transac... 5 years ago
uc_bitcoin Bitcoin payment plugin for... 8 years ago