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Resume Preview:
Programming Paradigms
Programming Languages
File Formats
Operating Systems and Interfaces
Professional Profile
  • Over 10 years of programming experience.
  • Around 9 years of experience using GNU/Linux-based operating systems.
  • Confident ability with using a command line/shell to do system tasks.
  • Understanding of object-oriented design, bug tracking, and revision control systems.
  • Extensive range of computer skills from video manipulation to embedded software development.
  • Always increasing knowledge and experience both at work and at home.
House Control Automation FrameworkOngoing since 2007Lead Developer
  • Responsible for complete project design and most development, including:
    • Basic Python framework for home automation
    • AJAX web interface for monitoring and control
    • Proliphix IP-HVAC interoperability module
    • CM11A module providing support for X10/BSR units and inputs
    • Flexible raw parallel port module for arbitrary binary inputs and outputs
    • XMPP IM alert notifications and control
    • Raw joystick port module for arbitrary binary and analog inputs
    • Asterisk integration for alerts
    • Module providing access to 1-Wire thermostats and other sensors
OpenMethodsOngoing since 2006Systems Engineer
  • Designed and implemented the network architecture for a new office.
  • Conduct periodic network maintenance including a Cisco router, clustered IM server, Asterisk PBX, netfilter/iptables firewall and a variety of Linux-based servers.
  • Wrote a real-time log watching utility to monitor Genesys T-Lib events.
  • Assisted in the design, development, and testing of several in-house VXML compliance test harness projects, and OpenVXML quality assurance.
  • Developed a reporting tool, including reports, for real-time and batch call path analysis of Voice Genie and Genesys Voice Platform applications built on the OpenVXML development platform.
Armagetron Advanced2005 - 2007Developer
  • Designed and implemented management system for extensible game resources.
  • Led development of arbitrarily shaped game arenas and player axes.
  • Participated in research and evaluation of a variety of source code management and issue tracker tools.
  • Migrated to a single Subversion repository preserving the complete history and structure of the project spanning multiple forked CVS repositories.
  • Modularized in-development function classes to ease refactoring to a more flexible game paradigm.
  • Administrate and maintain centralized game resource repository and archive of past and present game releases.
  • Assisted in preparing and deploying new stable game release.
  • Designed XMPP-based concept for offloading authentication, network browsing, and chat to regular XMPP network services.
  • Established a small company providing hosting services for game servers.
OpenZaurus2005 - 20063rd Party Distributor
  • Compiled and distributed daily development snapshots for a custom fork of the GPE OpenZaurus operating system.
Dashjr Family Network Services :)Ongoing since 2004Lead Network Administrator
  • Installed and configured our three servers which run for our family:
    • a phone system using Asterisk and a variety of VoIP service providers
    • a webserver hosting our personal websites, blog, and photo gallery
    • an email server supporting IMAP, SMTP, and SSL
    • a BIND 9 DNS server providing domain lookups for the above services
    • a VNC terminal server hosting genealogy research software, to allow distant family members to remotely assist in creating detailed family trees
Benedictine College Computer Services2004 - 2005Systems Administrator
  • Maintained and configured various campus servers.
  • Network maintenance, including wiring.
  • Help desk and technical computer support.
  • Designed and developed some custom applications as needed.
GammaMOO ProjectOngoing since 2004Lead Developer
  • Maintain this fork of the LambdaMOO compiler/interpreter integrating several clean, but less tested features such as:
    • a variety of C operators
    • numeric literals in binary, octal, and hexadecimal radixes
    • Unicode support
    • backslash escaping to include non-printable characters in string literals
    • ported various C-implemented functions into the MOO language and vice versa
    • internal MOO sockets
    • compiler warnings in addition to errors
Utopios ProjectOngoing since 2003Lead Developer
  • Lead development toward the goal of a new operating system combining and building upon the positive aspects of both source- and binary-based operating systems including being user-friendly to the average person.
  • Design and develop an extremely flexible package builder and manager.
  • Package and deploy stable operating system releases.
Gentoo Technologies2003 (one year)Developer
  • Wrote and maintained some package building scripts (ebuilds).
  • Designed and led development of the InGen user-friendly installer project.
Isolated Program Files2003 (a week or so)Architect
  • Designed and developed a program to allow keeping files for individual applications separate from the rest of the system without sacrificing their ease of use.
Actor AI2002 (a month or so)Developer
  • Developed capabilities for the bot to communicate in multiple simultaneous conversations over the internet using XMPP instant messaging.
Kye 3.02001 (one year)Lead Developer
  • Completely rewrote an enjoyable puzzle game creation system from scratch.
  • Enhanced the game engine by adding new elements such as teleporters.
Open Direct Connect2001 - 2002Project Lead
  • Designed and developed this modular file sharing application, including modules for a few popular protocols such as IRC/DCC, NeoModus's Direct Connect, and OpenNapster.
A Keepsake Video and A-Sharp DJ Servicesince 1998Software Engineer
  • Developed and deployed a comprehensive DJ application capable of queuing music based on events (such as specific dances) and priorities.
  • Developed complementing wedding planner software to assist couples in preparing playlists for the DJ system.
  • Implemented the website wedding date countdown mechanism.
  • Wrote and assisted in installation of various website enhancements.
Eli Whitney Museum1999 - 2000
  • Developed a new and enhanced marble path analysis program.
  • Designed and developed a multiplayer network chess game using out-of-band communications to a MOO server.
Steven PicardSystem Analyst, Corporate System Development, West Corporation
Home Phone
(712) 456-2063
Work Phone
(402) 714-0604
Tim BarnesManaging Partner, OpenMethods
Work Phone
(816) 283-8965 x109
Tyler VanWinkleProduct Manager, OpenMethods
Work Phone
(816) 283-8965 x111
Ed VanoverDirector, Computer Services, Benedictine College
Work Phone
(913) 360-7372
Earl Pappalardo
Home Phone
(860) 223-0105