5005 NW Kalivas Circle Apt. 101
Riverside, Missouri 64150
(816) 256-3012

Objective A position in which I can use my computer skills to create, support, or administrate standards-compliant services or applications.
  • Over 10 years of programming experience.
  • Around 9 years of experience using GNU/Linux-based operating systems.
  • Confident ability with using a command line/shell to do system tasks.
  • Understanding of object-oriented design, bug tracking, and revision control systems.
  • Extensive skills with computers drawn from years of computer experience, ranging from video manipulation to source code compilation.
  • Always increasing knowledge and experience both at work and at home.
  • Languages and APIs
    Fluent in BASH, BASIC, C, Java, MOO, PHP, regular expressions, and Visual Basic.
    Also experienced with AJAX, ASP, Asterisk PBX configuration, BISON, C++, JavaScript, Python, SQL, and TrollTech's Qt.
  • Operating Systems and Interfaces
    MS-DOS, Gentoo, GNU/Linux (since 1998), KDE, Mac OS X, and Windows
  • Applications
    Experienced using CVS/Subversion, GNU nano, KolourPaint, Qt Designer, The GIMP, VirtualDub, Visual Basic, VNC, and many other applications.
    Currently learning to use darcs and Vi IMproved (VIM) efficiently.
  • File Formats and Protocols
    Detailed knowledge of the HTTP, SMTP, UTF-8, and XHTML protocols/formats.
    Experienced manipulating/writing CSS and XML both by hand and in code.
    Exposure to ANSI, FTP, POP3, SOCKS4/5, VoiceXML, XMPP/Jabber, and XSLT.
    Knowledgeable in the usage aspects of various modern video and audio compression technologies.
    Also experienced with various other formats/protocols.
  • OpenMethods - Kansas City, MO
    (816) 283-VXML
    Systems Engineer since September 2006
    Designed and implemented the network architecture for a new office.
    Conduct periodic network maintenance including Cisco router, clustered Jabber IM server, and Asterisk PBX.
    Designed and developed a log viewing and parsing utility that monitors real-time Genesys T-Lib events.
    Developed a reporting tool and reports (using HTML for display and PHP for the server) for real-time and batch call path analysis of Voice Genie and Genesys GVP applications built on the OpenVXML development platform.
  • Benedictine College Computer Services - Atchison, KS
    (913) 367-7372
    Sysadmin/Linux guru from Jan 2004 to Jan 2005
    Installing and configuring servers. Network maintenance, wiring, and configuration. Computer support (help desk and technical). Creation and maintenance of custom applications.
  • Gentoo Technologies
    Developer from Jan 2003 to Dec 2003
    Ebuild (package builder) maintenance and InGen (graphical installer) project
  • McDonald's - Plantsville, CT
    (860) 621-2739
    from June 2002 to Dec 2003
    Employee of the Month for Dec 2003
  • A Keepsake Video and A-Sharp DJ Service - Southington, CT
    (860) 621-6839
    Contract Computer Programmer since 1998
    Comprehensive DJ application and website enhancement
  • Eli Whitney Museum - Hamden, CT
    (203) 777-1833
    Computer Programmer from 1999 to 2000
    Marble path analysis program, chess game, and other misc programs.
  • Actor AI (written in Visual Basic) -
    Enabling the AI to communicate in multiple conversations over the internet using XMPP instant messaging.
  • ArmageTRON Advanced (written in C++) -
    A 3D Light Cycles game based on the movie TRON.
  • A-Sharp DJ Wedding Planner (written in Visual Basic) -
  • GammaMOO (written in C)
    A compiler/interpretor for the MOO language.
  • Genealogy Project -
    Shared genealogy database using VNC, KDM, GRAMPS, and CVS. Family members can login using VNC and edit the database using a graphical interface.
  • Home Instant Messaging Server
    Setup a standards-compliant (XMPP) IM server capable of SSL encryption and open federation with other IM services. Originally used jabberd2 and migrated existing accounts to ejabberd.
  • HouseCtl (written in JavaScript (AJAX), PHP, and Python)
    Home automation development software including support for timed and triggered events, remote web control, and real-time alerts with instant messaging.
  • Kye 3.0 (written in Visual Basic) -
  • MOO Programming Language -
    An under-appreciated object-oriented programming language commonly used for virtual worlds.
  • Open Direct Connect (written in Visual Basic) -
    A multi-protocol chat and file sharing application.
  • Utopios -
    A new operating system combining the pros of both source-based and binary-based operating systems while at the same time being very simple to install and use.
  • many other smaller applications
Personal Skills My computer skills are self-taught, so I have experience with and enjoy developing new abilities, learning new technologies, and gaining knowledge without assistance.
I have experience developing as part of a team from participating in various open source projects in my free time.
I am also able to multitask efficiently, doing several things at once.
  • Homeschool, Connecticut State High School Diploma, 1997-2003
  • Tunxis Community College, Fall 2003
  • Benedictine College, 2004